World's Deepest Suite
World's Deepest Suite
at 155 meters

The suite is situated next to our festivity hall, 155 m under ground surrounded by winding galleries and thrilling cavities.

Upon arrival you get a guided tour of the 155 m level. After this tour you are being served a basket with refreshments (cheese, biscuits, fruits, sparkling wine and chocolate). Our guide leaves you alone to enjoy the refreshments and the quiet of the mine. In the morning one of our guides comes and serves your breakfast. After breakfast you will be taken to ground level again.

Make sure to be wearing warm and comfortable clothes for the guided tour. It is only 2 degrees Celsius in the mine, all year round! But don’t worry, the suite are warmed up to 18 degrees and the bed is equipped with a thick cover and an extra pair of blankets.

Important information
One of our staff is available for you above ground during the whole night and You will be given an intercom radio to communicate with. Mobile phones do not work at this level.

Further information
A simple toilet is available right outside the Mine Suite. You will also have access to showers and a lounge in our hostel above ground.

Included in this package:
• A guided tour of the 155-meter level
• A basket with refreshments
• A night’s stay in the mine suite
• Breakfast

The suite is only bookable for two people.

Price per night
5.995 SEK

The Mine Suite has been styled by Linneskåpet in Sala.
Background image:
155-meter Tour
Photo: Lars Olsson