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Prices, tickets & payments

How much does a visit at Sala Silvermine cost? And how to buy tickets and pay for them? Here you find the desired information.

The mining area above ground is open to the public and free of charge to visit. To participate in an organized activity, above or below ground in the mine, you usually have to buy a ticket.

Detailed prices are stated at each activity on the website. The prices always include VAT, except for the pages describing business experiences.

We do not charge any extra fees when you buy tickets. However, if you need to cancel your tickets the cancellation fee for individual tickets is 50 SEK for each cancelled ticket and for group tickets 425 SEK for each cancelled group.

Read more in our Terms and conditions, which you can find here ►


Tickets for individuals are bought directly on the website, if nothing else is stated. You can buy tickets on the product presentation pages as well as on the page called TICKETS

To add tickets to the cart, click on the button Add at the desired date and time. If the button is orange: Add, there are still tickets left, but few. The red button Sold means that there are no tickets left for that departure, since it is fully booked.

When you click on the button Add or Add the cart opens. There you first have to select the desired number of tickets before it is possible to continue to the checkout. Click on the zero in the product line to select the number of tickets you wish to buy in the drop-down menu.

Some tours are performed in English. Check for the Language flag close to the Add button. If there is an English flag, the tour language is in English. If there is a mixed Swedish-English flag, you select the desired language in the cart. If there is a Swedish flag the tour will be performed in Swedish.*

You can add several activities to the cart, e.g. two different tour departures if you would like to go on several tours. Or perhaps your company would like to split up and go on different tours while you are here?

Important to know is that the purchase process has a time limit set to 10 minutes from the add of the first product into the cart.

Why is there a time limit? The time limit is needed to prevent our time scheduled products from being overbooked and to avoid tickets to be bought or get stuck in the status of being preliminary booked long after the tour has departed.
* We do not offer multi-language tours, i.e. when the guide gives the information in more than one language on the same occation, since that lowers the quality of the experience severly.

Read more in our Terms and conditions, which you can find here ►

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