Diving in Sala Silvermine
Diving in Sala Silvermine
The Sala Silvermine Diving Project

About one third of the Sala Silvermine is flooded by groundwater. That does not stop the divers of the Sala Silvermine Diving Project, though!

The Project startet in the end of the 1990s and is still going on continuously. For many years the dining routes have been marked out with lines and the divers have reached depts up to 95 meters under the groundwater surface - i.e. 250 meters below the surface.

A whole lot of images and videos is one result of this underwater research - proof  of an untouched and magical world full of old tools and obsticles with an age of more than 100 years.

Filmed by: Dykprojektet Sala Silvergruva
Background image:
Hermelin Cavity
Photo: Lars Olsson