On A Guided Tour
On A Guided Tour
155 meters underground

Underground in the Sala Silvermine there are two major tour levels for visitors: Sofia Magdalena Mine on 60 meters and Ulrica Eleonora Mine on 155 meters.

Sofia Magdalena Mine is visited on the tours Gruvstigaren and Gruvdrängen, where the visitors walk down the stairs into the mine and go upstairs in an elevator.

Ulrica Eleonora Mine is reached after an elevator ride of roughly 4 minutes, either on the Konstknekten or the Bergmästaren tour.

The four-hour Great Mine Tour leads through most of the visitors mine and contains a hot soup meal underground.

The tour shown in the video is the 155-meter tour - the predecessor of the guided tour Bergmästaren.
Filmed by: Willy N

Background image:
Echo Chamber
Photo: Lars Olsson