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Tractor Tour

Good to know:
• This tour is given during summertime only.

Photo: Anette Isberg
Duration1 h
Price per person

Child (-15 yrs)75
Tractor Tour
Guided tour of the mining area

On the Tractor Tour you get the opportunity to see the most of the mining area above ground. An experienced and skilled guide will bring you around on a carriage pulled by a veteran tractor.

Sala Silvermine is more than a magnificent underground environment: the amazingly well preserved and cultural environment above ground just has to be experienced! Located here are around 50 buildings from different time eras. And not to forget: the mighty Queen Christina Shaft Tower in the middle of it all. This guided tour brings you from the oldest caved-in parts of the mine to the deepest shaft, named after King Carl XI. Hear the stories and tales of the rich history of the mine and look down into shafts and into buildings usually closed to the public. The tour fits all ages.

Adults: 145 SEK
Children (-15 yrs): 75 SEK

Background image:
The Mine Suite
Photo: Maria Andersson