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Camper Area

The Camper Area is now closed for the season.
Welcome back next spring!

Camper Area
Stay in your camper or caravan.

When you arrive in a camper van or with a caravan we have a good solution for your stay: our Camper Area!

Number of spots
We have 12 spots, where spots 1-6 have access to electricity. The remaining area is free to use, but keep the safety distance of 4 meters to the next vehicle in mind

Upon arrival you check in at the Gift Shop. If you arrive after closing hours the checking-in procedure has to be performed the next day.

If you leave before opening hours the fee has to be wired via Swish* to telephone number 123 664 44 54. Write your vehicle's registration number as message.
* Swish is a money wiring service offered by a number of Swedish banks.

Electricity for spots 1-6
Key to electricity box is received during checking-in.

Water tap is found on the outside wall of the Gift Shop.

Shower & WC
Available in Gruvgården B&B. The key is received during checking-in. There are WCs in the Reception, as well.

Latrine Emptying
Is performed at Evelund at the southern approach to Sala, highway 56, about 3,5 km from the mining area.

Prices per car & night
• Camper spot with access to water: 80 SEK
• Electricity add: 40 SEK
• Shower & WC add: 60 SEK

Remember to hand back the key for Shower & WC in the Gift Shop (or use the box at the information board) before you leave.

The Camper Area is now closed for the season.
Welcome back next spring!

Background image:
Echo Chamber
Photo: Lars Olsson