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In The Light Of Torches
Photo: Gruvtroll Photography
In The Light Of Torches
Summer Exhibition of 2018

In The Summer Exhibition of 2018, "In The Light Of Torches", we focus on the classical image of the miner's workday - the hard-working man persistantly struggling deep down in the underground.

With photographer Björn "Gruvtroll" Carlander as the guide we visit the dusky environments of the Sala Silvermine through pictures to experience the workdays of the former 18th century miners.

Scenes from their work are recreated and the many steps of underground mining are pictured in a very clear way. The visual presentation of the hard work and the dangers in the mine are completed by mining tools, furhter objects and images showing the daily life of the miners. In Björn's images we meet the Sala miners - In The Light Of Torches we enter yet deeper down into the mystical subterranean world.

We welcome all visitors to an all-through historical experience.

The Summer Exhibition texts are presented in Swedish but the images themselves give the observer a good view of the hard work and lives of the former miners.

The Summer Exhibition is shown from April 15 - September 30, 2018.

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Background image:
Sofia Magdalena Mine
Photo: Lars Olsson