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The Mining Museum
The Mining Museum
at Sala Silvermine

The museum at Sala Silvermine shows a selection of the finest museum objects from the mine and you can take your time and get to know its rich and fascinating history, before you step down in the real mine.

Our permanent collection includes artifacts from the entire history of the mine. As an example, beautiful appliances from the Mine Village (a society that kept growing as the mining expanded in the 16th Century), for example – ceramic plates, a silver ring (the Madonna ring), drinking glasses and much more. The largest and perhaps also the most exclusive item in the museum is king Carl XI’s barrel. The king descended into Sala Silver Mine to a depth of 250 metres in this mine barrel in 1687.

You can also see a horse sling, which they hoisted down mining horses in, from the early 19th Century. And in one of the rooms in the museum there is a detailed model made by the artist Henric, showing the people and environments at the silver mine in the 17th Century.

For children there is also a dark mine tunnel to crawl into – maybe you can see the bats in the dark.

The Mine museum has free admission!


Background image:
Hermelin Cavity
Photo: Lars Olsson